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Preparing Your Body For The Modeling Shoot

Sleep is one of the most important things for a model because if you're tired at the shoot, all your photos will come out bad. Make sure you get 2 good nights of sleep in a row before your shoot.

Your hair needs to be thick and manageable the day when you start your job. Thick air lifts off the top of the head and surrounds it. To achieve this look, use conditioner for 2 weeks straight. At the same time, avoid using hair dryers, curling irons, or heated curlers that break down the hair's proteins. All of these lead to loss of volume and wind up giving you split ends and frayed hair.

When dealing with your nails, apply nail coloring that's the same color as the center of your nail. By doing this, it helps minimize the discolorations and rough spots in the nail.

Shaving is something that a lot of people usually do the wrong way. The right way to shave is to shave with the grain and not against it. "Razor burn" happens because you shaved against the grain, pulling the hair out of the body and as it snaps back, it is pulled under the skin. When it tries to push its way back through the skin to its normal place, redness, itching, and bumps are the result.

To shave properly, get the skin and hair very wet. Using baby oil is the best thing to use because unlike shaving cream, it will allow you to see which way the hair wants to go. Saving correctly can virtually eliminate the razor burn problem.

Lastly, wearing the right type of makeup can determine how old your face will look which is important to any shoot. The darker the make-up, the older you will look. Darker makeup also accentuates lines and wrinkles.

If you're modeling swimsuits, dark makeup will also contrast greatly against the lighter shades of skin that don't get exposed to the sun. Instead, try to match the foundation to the lightest shade of skin on your body.

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