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Is Commercial Modeling Right For You?

In commercial modeling, people of all shapes and sizes are hired to model for the client.

Every time you read a newspaper or a magazine, you see ads that used commercial models to sell the product or service. These models are also used on billboards, in catalogs, household products, and other forms of advertising.

Being a commercial model is easier than becoming a fashion model because fashion models are required to have specific requirements. Usually, commercial female models are between 5' 9" - 6' tall and wear a dress size between 2-6. Male models are between 6' - 6' 2" tall and wear a size 40 regular jacket.

The benefits to commercial modeling can be wonderful. Models can work part-time to supplement their income while having their face on billboards, magazines, and newspapers for all to see.

Although they don't earn nearly as much as fashion models, commercial models can make anywhere from $50 to $250 an hour. Children, who are paid less than adults, can earn up to $75 an hour.

Before you get started in this business, do your homework. Learn about what types of photos will get you the most work. Learn about how to find a good, reputable agent that will try to find you work.

Lastly, try to find a look for yourself that you can sell. Do you look the part of a businessman or the outdoor weekender? Look in magazines and catalogs to see what others are being cast as and see if you can't relate your look to theirs. This might help you in deciding which way to lean.

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